Tax and law

The tax system is full of stumbling blocks, and it leaves no room for short cuts. As a result, a lack of knowledge and ill-considered actions can ultimately prove to be a bad combination. Minimise your financial risk and rely on forward-looking financial planning: The experienced tax experts from NRS Treuhand are happy to accompany you on the road to effective tax optimisation.

For corporates

Save on complex issues, not on fiduciaries. An integrated solution creates legal certainty and ensures that your company gains a considerable competitive advantage as well as the desired tax optimisation. We help you in national and international matters relating to tax legislation as well as uncertainties regarding VAT and withholding tax.

  • Tax optimisation through company restructuring
  • Advisory in securing the right of qualified tax-free capital contributions
  • Preparation of tax rulings with the authorities
  • National and international tax allocations
  • Tax returns for legal entities
  • Representation in front of tax authorities
  • Optimisation in the field of value-added tax (VAT)
  • Advisory regarding VAT questions domestically
  • Advisory on VAT matters in international transactions
  • VAT representation for foreign companies in Switzerland

For private individuals

Another letter from the tax office? This time promising a possible tax refund? Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee this sort of mail on a regular basis. But we certainly can promise integrated, personal tax optimisation right out of the top drawer.

  • Tax returns (including complex returns) for private individuals
  • National and international tax allocations
  • Tax returns for the retrospective assessment of persons taxed at source